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  • Will the colors of my custom rug be exactly the same as on the drawing?
    We always try to find the right color of wool but some variations are possible since 1. every display shows colors differently 2. wool does not come in every thinkable color :( and 3. if it is not possible to find a shade that is very similar to the drawing you will be contacted!
  • Can I return my rug?
    We do not accept returns except when there are quality issues. You can not return a custom made order nor cancel the order. As soon as we start making the rug you will be charged the cost of the design process.
  • What is the difference between loop and cut pile?
    Cut pile makes your rug super fluffy - this technique requires more material tho. Loop pile is more durable but still soft. You can also get a mix of both techniques, to play with heights which is always fun. Here is an example of both techniques on one rug:
  • What sizes and shapes are possible?
    There are no limitations to your imagination. We can create the rug of your dreams - doesn't matter what size or shape.
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