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My Custom Rug

Design your custom rug

Do you already have something specific in mind? Some pictures / moods for orientation?Just share the images with me via email:

Thank You!

Price orientation for custom rugs
40cm x 60cm - 180€
80cm x 100cm - 290€
100cm x 130cm - 360€
130cm x 150cm - 475€
150 cm x 180cm - 680€
180 cm x 220cm - 970€
200cm x 250cm - 1350€

Custom rugs are limited to 2 per month, since the process of getting the right design will not be rushed.

There are two feedback rounds included in the creation process - additional changes will be charged with €20/request.

Please do NOT send any drawings/designs of other people, as I will NOT copy any other artists creation. If you send it as a mood/reference, it is fine, but please do not expect me to make something similar. Thanks!

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